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Easier, cheaper & faster than ever before using crypto with a planned registered broker-dealer on a major stock exchange. In conclusion, the attempt to create blockchain asset-backed tokens and ankorus ico an ecosystem connecting cryptocurrencies with financial instruments is worth attention. On the other hand, however, potential investors may be discouraged by the lack of financial details.

Combine this with blockchain technology’s extreme transparency and suddenly you open the flood gates for the broadest groups of users, which is exactly what the ecosystem needs, new capital inflows. Vibrant markets require liquidity, and by our plan to link the crypto world with that of finance, trading volumes will assuredly – and markedly – increase. Ankorus will open multiple new channels for the movement of wealth, and this additional fluidity will also facilitate exits to more stable holdings from volatile markets. Where previously cryptoholders found themselves lost at sea, Ankorus will empower its users to anchor in a safe harbour of their choice.

  1. Undoubtedly, the concept of connecting cryptocurrencies and traditional financial assets deserves attention.
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  3. The closest model of movement out to real world finance is Veritaseum’s P2P capital markets without brokerages, banks or traditional exchanges.
  4. Ankorus claims to be the first approved securities broker to allow trading in cryptocurrencies and securities from the same account.

And the Ankorus contributions phase aims to raise the money for the first great startup of 2018. John Cruz (CEO and Head of Trading) – independent financial trader and a member of seven exchanges (CME, CBOT, MID-AM, COMEX, MATIF, Eurex, and SGX). Select the key pairs of your choice (Please note that tokens can be found within the Ethereum Private Keys list). There will be no pre-sale, to ensure openness and transparency for all looking to participant.

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The closest model of movement out to real world finance is Veritaseum’s P2P capital markets without brokerages, banks or traditional exchanges. Ankorus will enable cryptoholders to buy real world financial assets. In exchange for cryptocurrency, Ankorus will create and allocate tokens that are exactly value-pegged to their corresponding assets. The natural result we expect to be a radical disruption to the traditional financial world, which too often serves too few. Anchor Tokens (ANK) will allow cryptocurrency traders an opportunity to move some of their wealth into financial assets seamlessly or vice-versa.

The company does not show any kind of red flag for scams, which is always a great sign. The founders of the company also seem experienced and probably know what they are doing, so that’s another positive point. Ankorus definitely have a solid plan for their platform, so it seems like the company will have a profitable future. If they can be as efficient as they claim, their profit is almost guaranteed. Because of this, we advise you to consider Ankorus a safe and good investment.

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On the way down, it’s green across the board for the other 820+ altcoins as profit-takers reinvest BTC gains in cheap buys. As we witnessed over the last week, bitcoin reached all-time highs around $5900, but we saw altcoins decline across the board by 10–20% or more. This is a gargantuan signal that there is not enough money to go around in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

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The reason I had two separate trading accounts is another discussion for another day. But when I was introduced to a new company called Ankorus, it reminded me of that situation and it reminded me of my current situation – that I still have two trading accounts. The AnchorNet platform will stipulate no minimum account size and act as a minimal commission securities broker. For that purpose, it is necessary to gather a sufficient number of interested parties. The offering focuses on cryptocurrency holders, who are still a minority. ICO Drops is an independent ICO (Token Sale) database and is not affiliated with any ICO project or company.

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What if, instead, you could use one of 60 cryptocurrencies, to purchase Anchor Tokens, choosing exactly the financial assets you wish to purchase — perhaps something very stable, eg. Nvidia shares — then ride out the volatility and re-enter your position in the crypto market, all utilizing Anchor Tokens. “With the introduction of bitcoin futures, there’s no longer a need to register with a cryptocurrency exchange, which cuts out issues like long waiting times to open an account and to withdraw your money. This is what Ankorus will bring during their ICO, a platform to connect cryptocurrency traders to institutional finance and financial assets. Ankorus is a cross between Coinbase, E-Trade and Tether, all rolled into one. This is what Ankorus will bring following their ICO, a platform to connect cryptocurrency traders to institutional finance and financial assets.

The main purpose of the platform is to enable cryptocurrency holders to buy real assets from the financial world. In exchange for one of the 60+ digital coins, the Ankorus platform will create and allocate tokens to their corresponding assets. Ankorus plays the role of trusted custiodan and holds the purchased assets in reserve. After buying tokens, holders may sell them on the exchange created for this purpose or redeem their value directly from Ankorus. Auditing, oversight and safeguards through a registered broker-dealer offers credibility among market makers, professional traders and institutional investors.

The whitepaper however only focuses on the technology and the general concept. There are no revenue forecasts, projected valuations of the tokens or calculation of the number of customers needed to maintain liquidity at a satisfactory level. The only way the crypto world will expand is via that connection to traditional finance. Cryptocurrency traders are presently locked into the existing ecosystem that that they cannot leave.

Twenty-four hour multilingual customer care will be on hand to attend to any account issue customers might have, whether breached security or simply a mislaid password. Ankorus intends to become a fully registered broker-dealer and acquire membership on a large and reputable exchange, securing the cheapest commissions for our customers and enabling all the best practices. Assets purchased and held by Ankorus will be insured and audited on a regular basis, for we recognise that trust and transparency are two of the most crucial ingredients in fostering sustained growth. Additionally, we will also establish AnchorNet, our unique trading platform that will form the nexus between the crypto and finance worlds. According to the company’s whitepaper, the project team has already finished the initial development of smart wallet and Reactive Portfolio Management (RPM), as well as a specialized general ledger. A new breakthrough exchange where you can buy financial assets including stocks, shares, bonds, ETFs, FX and commodities.

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