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You should aim to create several Java applications for your portfolio (including at least one web application). These projects don’t have to be sophisticated or perfect, as they are simply a way for you to demonstrate that you can develop a range of applications with Java. Once you’ve written code, you will need to test it with code review tools to identify potential issues. Your employer may expect you to perform java developer course a range of rests on your code, including functionality testing, static code testing, unit testing, and single-user performance testing. Pass-around testing is a way development teams ask for feedback by emailing their colleagues their code before deployment. As many larger companies hire specifically to manage testing, cybersecurity, and vendor management, some Java developers have specialized roles.

What is a Java developer do

While the responsibilities include functions, duties, and obligations. The professional level certification is the foundation for most higher level certifications. As candidates progress beyond the professional level, the certification process begins to mimic the activities of a real world developer more closely.

Apache Maven: Beginner to Guru for Java and Spring Boot Apps

If you are interested, you can find a more exhaustive list of separate blog pots, which I have listed in the further learning section. Anyway, let’s go through this Java Developer RoadMap to understand how to become a Java developer in 2023. Btw, you by no means need to understand everything on this roadmap to become a rockstar developer. In fact, you don’t even need to take them that seriously if you don’t want to. Instead, use these maps as a starting point to help guide your learning as you go. The median salary for Indian-based Java Developers is over Rs. 4.5 LPA and goes up depending on career level, experience, and location.

Other java developer responsibilities include Software maintenance and optimization, project management, leading and liaising, and vendor management. The real power of Java lies in its vibrant ecosystem of open source libraries. You will find libraries to do almost anything in Java from logging to machine learning, from sending an HTTP request to parsing JSON, and much more. Apart from that, Java is also lucky to have utility libraries like Apache Commons and Google Guava, these two libraries effectively complement JDK libraries. I have also shared a list of 20 Java APIs and libraries for Java developers.

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Results from the brief survey have given us some level of confidence that Java developers are more ready to start learning about GenAI. Since it was initially developed using Python, it makes sense that it currently has better Python support and integration. Moving forward, however, expanding language support is likely a priority. Online Courses are one of the best way to start learning any new technology or programing language and Java is no exception. There are thousands of Java courses available online but not everything is good. So, here are the best resources which includes, online courses, books, and online platforms you can join to learn Java programming in depth.

What is a Java developer do

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